You’re brilliant, ambitious and sharp as a nail.

You’ve left corporate, or are about to do so, and you’re hell-bent on building your own massive vision and you’re ready to do whatever it takes in order to build your dream business.

But …

… you can’t launch the rocket and you DON’T KNOW WHY.

Welcome to the paradox of the powerful executive woman who has decided to become an entrepreneur.


When you’ve been exceptionally successful at some point in your life (track star, school prefect, CEO, member of boards), it’s painful to leave the establishment in the hunt with hunger for true independence … and then realise that you’ve rammed up against some invisible wall where you simply are unable to recreate that past success.

Days tick past. You wake at 3am with a vague sense of dread and frantically search the corners of your brain for the answer.

But nothing changes.

In a fog of ever-growing panic and analysis paralysis, your conventional fix for being unable to recreate your past conventional successes is to scrabble and grab at conventional solutions – another degree, a new website, a marketing campaign or funnel, a rebrand, a new hairstyle, a new wardrobe…

And yet… nothing changes.

Because, what you think you need is not what you actually need.

YOU THINK it’s the mechanics that you need.

I KNOW that what you actually need is to unleash your weirdness.


The real reason you’re flailing and missing the mark is that you’re refusing to truly own your unleashed power (which YOU know manifests inside you as a dark, weird streak of genius – that untapped energy and essence of a dark warrior). It’s not because you’re not prepared to go all the way – HELL, NO; you’re prepared to risk it all (why come so far to only go so far?) – but you’re in that hellish limbo because you simply don’t know what this unleashed version of you truly looks like. What it sounds like. What it ACTS like.

Take it from me. You cannot forge an unconventional path by resorting to conventional thoughts, behaviours and actions. You need to burn your old brand and release your weirdness and your darkness, and unleash it on an unsuspecting world in a way that raises such merry hell that NO-ONE will know what hit them. Least of all you.

Your hungry supporters, clients and lovers that are waiting just for you will not follow someone who is still in their own boring, conventional paradigm. Only when you are fully in your new paradigm – the one your supporters, clients and lovers desire to be in; the one where politeness dies on the altar of genius – will you be able to convert them and transform them to your dark ways so they, in turn, can unleash themselves.

AND – you need to see that it is not only easy to access your genius weirdness, it’s the key to EVERYTHING. You need to see that what always happens when your inner and outer ‘brands’ are out of alignment – illness, divorce, anger, anxiety, stress, addiction – doesn’t have to be your fate. You need to see that it’s okay to trust that being fully you will be okay.

As a powerful executive women who ‘has a lot to lose’ if you come out of the closet, and an immense fear of losing your hard-won reputation – and believe me, it’s a truly unique struggle – it’s imperative that you understand that not only will you NOT lose your reputation (not in the way you think, anyway), but what you’ll build in its place will provide just as much wealth and prestige, as well as freedom from anxiety and stress, and immense peace of mind, and that you will find a world you don’t have to hide from and people who really get you. The sooner you understand and act on this, the sooner you will enter the upper realms of success.

This knowledge is why I coined the term Dark Branding and why I am so compelled to talk about the absolute fucking imperative for some women to ‘burn your brand’ – because it’s my experience, it’s my success, it’s my genius, and it’s how my clients experience success. I live and teach and live the integral components of the dark goddess energy: death in the service of rebirth.

And the practical, ‘superficial’ result of this unleashing? You become incomparable, unignorable and uncontrollable. It’s freaking branding genius. It’s a motherfucking epic way to project and present and package your image.

And the deeper result, of course, is that you can be you. You no longer have to be afraid of BEING you, or be afraid OF you. Let me tell you, from personal experience, that THAT is one unfuckwithable result.

And once I understood this – that the only option left was to fully be my weird self; to always speak my unfiltered truth, no matter the risk or the consequences – these are the results I got; peace of mind and success on a level light years beyond what I imagined possible. It’s also the result my clients get, once they understand what needs to be done, and take action on this.

And of course, if you also want these results, this is why you must come out in your own life completely and totally and RIGHT NOW.

Otherwise you will simply not be able to step through the threshold that you have to step through.

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