How you do one thing is how you do everything. 

The path from one thing is the path to everything.

How you eat is how you live.

If you want to live an erotic life – and trust me, you do, because your gut instinct is erotic, your eroticism is your existence and the expression of your true self, and only when you are true to yourself does life unfold – you must eat an erotic life.

Perhaps the most erotic quote about food comes thanks to Lawrence Durrell:

“The whole Mediterranean, the sculpture, the palm, the gold beads, the bearded heroes, the wine, the ideas, the ships, the moonlight, the winged gorgons, the bronze men, the philosophers – all of it seems to rise in the sour, pungent taste of these black olives between the teeth. A taste older than meat, older than wine. A taste as old as cold water.” – ‘Prospero’s Cell (1945)

I think about food all day. From the moment I get up, to the moment I go to sleep. And I challenge myself to eat the erotic way…

What does erotic eating look like?

  1. Admit what you want. Not what other people tell you should want.
  2. Be honest about what makes you feel good (what turns you on, inside and out)
  3. Eat when you are hungry.
  4. Eat quality, not quantity
  5. Know what creates comfort and discomfort in your body.
  6. Be curious, bold, break the rules, seek the new and exotic. This is a particularly erotic example… As is this. It is Dita von Teese, after all!
  7. Create more than you consume.
  8. Eat with all your senses. Look for umami,

This is my analogy for how to eat life, and it is the way in which you will want to actually eat when you realise that everything is erotic – and how you eat is how you live.



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