A dark female personal brand can be overtly dark – or it can be overtly subtle.

The subtle ones are the most sophisticated.

A sophisticated dark brand is created through frisson and mystery – not overt darkness – and it only takes a dash of contradiction, of the unexpected to create that sense of tension in the human brain… the hallmark of a successful subtle dark brand.


  • a dark velvet rose amongst a sea of red roses
  • an intellectual blonde behind a desk with a raven on her shoulder
  • elegant damask wallpaper with a hidden gremlin

I love to work with women who are in a very conventional, contracted, constricted picture of success, showing them how to weave a frond of darkness through their personal band – their private identity and their public image – because it electrifies them and galvanises others… yet those others will have no idea why they are being so affected.

This woman, with her otherwise respectable presence, will be crackling with an energy that is palpable, yet intangible. She will walk the halls of her corporate job, and people will feel the crackle as she passes. It gives her power, it give her presence.

In a physical manifestation of this subtle yet powerful dark energy, imagine her wearing black lace lingerie under her tailored suit.

She knows where her darkness lies, even if others do not.

To find your own frond of darkness, look at where there are contradictions in your identity. What is unexpected about you? Weave a little of this through your external image.

If you want to have an expert create this for you, we need to talk.




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