I make my way in the world...I am a genius at recognising a sanitised soul in an otherwise outwardly successful person. I can see what they need to burn, and what they need to become. Some take my advice, some don’t. The reason I can see it so clearly (like Munch’s ‘The Scream’ in my head), and why it physically and mentally repels me so much, is because I also have a sanitised soul.

It is my daily battle to unsanitise it. To do what I want to do, and say what I want to say. It is a battle because I know that the unsanitised version of my soul is too much for most to handle. But I must fight on – not because I care whether it helps you in any way, but because I know I have no other option. It has become my job.

The sanitised soul is the true tragedy of modern society. It is why what needs to be said is left unsaid. Why what needs to be done, is left undone. It is why the bar is so low, why the vision is so vanilla. Why wild girls don’t become wild women who go on to become warriors who change the world – but become high-achieving CEOs who watch Wonder Woman with their wild little daughters and cry inside because it’s actually what they wanted to become (and dream of for their daughters).

It is quite literally, the stolen, sedated and the sold soul.

The starved soul.

The screaming soul.

What does it look like?

  • The executive who sits in her expensive suit with her perfect hair and beige stockings in yet another boardroom meeting filled with men (while silently screaming inside her skull that she simply MUST be unleashed to raise merry hell)
  • The CEO who is required to show up every day NOT as her self in order to do her job – and who goes home every night to a relationship with someone who, yes again, requires her to NOT be herself (while silently screaming inside her skull that here, see, the most amazing version of myself is begging to be noticed and loved and revered)
  • The corporate achiever who has done everything right along the way, yet who keeps banging against a ceiling of such force with such ferocious, unfulfilled energy that she has entered into paralysis; one foot on the brake, one on the accelerator (while silently screaming inside her skull that if she could just be let loose she would EXPLODE into action and audacity and people wouldn’t see her for dust)

All have been brainwashed into believing they must sanitise their soul – or sacrifice success. Which is one of the greatest illusions there is (for the only secret to astronomic success is to be the unsanitised version of you).

And the higher the echelons of success, and the greater the risk to be taken (and the further to fall), the more prevalent the cult of the sanitised soul is. The sanitised soul exists through all of society, of course, but it is most painful to see in the rarified world of the CEO, the executive, the corporate achiever – because there you will find the very people who MUST unleash their unsanitised souls because they have the most power to challenge the status quo, to speed up true transformation, to shift the PC paradigm… and yet…

You think I’m being melodramatic?

No – this could not be more critical; it becomes a matter of life or death for some. I can make you aware to what you already know (you wake at 3am with that vague, subterranean panic about your life), but I frankly couldn’t care less if you want to ignore the warning signs. I’m in this for myself. BUT you should be under no illusion that, one day, your soul will win. It will kick up such an almighty fuss that something will break – your sanity, your health, your career, your relationships…

Trust me: unsanitise your sanitised soul now, before the damage is done.




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