I absolutely do not believe that humans have some esoteric ‘life purpose’ (although I do believe in ‘life projects’). As humans, we are driven to procreate and create, certainly – but to burden individuals with the unsubstantiated belief that we all have a highly specific, designated higher life purpose ( a bit like ‘one true love’) is cruel, and relegates countless creative, entrepreneurial women to a state of frustrated procrastination – frantically trying to decide their elusive life purpose before they get on with, er, their life.

HOWEVER – I absolutely DO believe in the concept of a Personal Brand Purpose.

Your personal brand – and consequently your business/career/product/service – should exist to serve your goals and your lifestyle. Otherwise, what’s the point? If you nail your Personal Brand Purpose, it will allow you to block out all other voices, to focus on where you are going (and why), and to take or reject opportunities and decisions based on total clarity.

So, how to find this Personal Brand Purpose?

  • Step 1: Write down every descriptive word of how you want to feel in this life – single words only, please (ie loved, creative, smart, wealthy, clever, generous, expansive, admired)
  • Step 2: Strike out every one of those words that relies on someone else ‘giving’ you that feeling (ie loved, admired)
  • Step 3: Of the remaining list, cut it down to just ONE

That final word is your Personal Brand Purpose.

That word is your guide, your rock, your compass. In the face of overwhelming information, ideas and potential indecision, it is what you should base everything in your brand and business around – the transformation you give your clients, the way your daily work and future goals make you feel, the very services and products you create. Ask yourself at every fork in the path – does this way take me closer to that word… or further away from it?

If you’re honest with yourself, the answer will be clear. And the path will be clear, too. And, funnily enough, this word is not just your guide for your personal brand and business – you can refer to it to guide your relationships, your health, your wardrobe…

And my word?


PS: If you know you need professional help when it comes to finding this clarity and focus – for your brand, your business, and your brain – Brand Spanking might just be for you…

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