Amanda founded the term, ‘Dark Branding’, to describe her process and philosophy of deep branding – fine-art-style branding based in, and elevating the experience of, taboo.

{Taboo: female spiritual, intellectual, erotic and sovereign power}

Featuring the finest elements of storytelling and visual design, every bespoke Dark Brand that Amanda curates and creates for her clients is based on her values of mystery, quality, clarity, functionality and marketability – and is her response to the cliched, cheap brands usually created for individuals and products in the taboo industry. 

“I create for women who seek the finer things in life. I believe that truth is a fundamental brand criteria. I aim through my work to expose truth – especially challenging truth – and in doing so foster a more interesting world.”

Applications are welcome. Acceptance by invite only.
To apply, please fill out the questionnaire: PROGRAM QUESTIONNAIRE