How do you turn on your Erotic ID?

Your Erotic ID™ is the key to becoming a magnet for what you want.

Understand and OWN your Erotic ID – that mysterious, magical mix of your unique identity and your image; your true creative nature that you were born with – and you will make yourself magnetic to:

… the ultimate client, lover, employee, employer…

… money, as it naturally wants to come to you…

… a business, career or empire that’s an expression of your purpose…

… a lifestyle that fulfils your wildest dreams…

… an iconic personal brand and style unlike any other.

And that’s just the start.

Your Erotic ID is the secret weapon that you can employ in all areas of your life to magnetise what you want. And it is yours, and yours alone.

Because of this, there is no prescriptive recipe – but there is a sequence. And it starts with turning on your Erotic ID.

Here’s the key to turning on your Erotic ID…

  • ONE… Write down every descriptive word of how you want to feel in this life – single words only (ie loved, sexy, creative, fiery, smart, wealthy, clever, generous, expansive, admired)
  • TWO… Strike out every one of those words that relies on someone else ‘giving’ you that feeling (ie loved, admired)
  • THREE… Of the remaining list, cut it down to just ONE that makes you tingle

That final word turns the key in the door to your Erotic ID wonderland.

The unlocking of the door is just the start.

From there, you must walk into your Erotic ID wonderland – step into it, envision it, make it expansive and compelling, and put tangible flesh on the bones of this extraordinary personal and professional tool – and see the magic that starts to ripple out across your life.


Once you have your word, we need to talk. 




Bespoke Erotica

Imagine presenting your lover with a piece of erotic fiction (or non-fiction), featuring the two of you?

Forget diamonds, flowers, holidays, lingerie… For birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, there is NOTHING that tops this kind of present.

I have serious cred in the erotica space*. If you’ve read a sealed section in a women’s magazine, or a fiction in Playboy over the past 20 years, chances are, I wrote it. I currently work with women to help them rediscover and develop their Erotic ID, and I continually research, experiment and curate erotica.

I am very pleased to announce that I have a limited number of openings available for bespoke erotica commissions leading up to Christmas. I usually reserve this treat for my private clients, but I am feeling particularly loved-up this festive season, and want to spread the good will to all women and men.

How it works

We talk.

I find out what you like and what you want. You are only limited by your imagination.

I go away and write a personalised piece of quality erotica just for you (and illustrate it, if that’s what you desire).

You retain copyright and ownership of the writing and illustration, to do with it what you wish.

Price – POA.

Note: I am currently taking commissions for pieces 500-5000 words only. I will start accepting longer-form commissions again in the new year.

Email me on for a confidential discussion.

*Oh, so you want to know more?

I began reading, writing and drawing erotica when I was six years old – not long after devouring Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus (I’d run out of kids’ books). I became obsessed with the dark, mysterious, provocative, forbidden, dangerous nature of the world of erotica. I wanted to be Mata Hari when I grew up.

Fast forward decades and I have not lost my interest in the erotic. Alongside a dramatic career in high-end fashion magazines and illustrated books, I pursued erotica as a side career… always wondering how to make it the full-time gig.

I worked as an artist’s model, a burlesque dancer, a dominatrix, a commercial erotica writer… and my interest was not just applied, but also academic – I completed a fine arts/literature degree, majoring in curatorial studies and drawing and handing in a final thesis looking at the line between the naked and the nude in the context of the male gaze at Men’s Gallery, the strip club where I’d been working for years.

Now, I create erotic identities and images for women, specialising in the largely unexplored (yet incredibly powerful) territory of dark branding and building on my personal philosophy and professional practice of the Erotic ID™.

PS: If you are interested in the history and genre of erotica, I strongly encourage you to watch The Erotic Adventures of Anais Nin (UK documentary).

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