As a synaesthete, I am grateful to have found a way to integrate this genetic gift into my work… of course, it is thanks to the synaesthesia itself that I could see the patterns and make the connections necessary to bring all the parts of me together so holistically, with such unusual yet neat synchronicity.

And it is this ‘creative cross-wiring’ that allows me to also redefine and reimagine the careers of my clients – seeing possibilities and pathways that they would never have dreamt of… but providing the perfect solution to their un-met desire to express their true calling through their career.

If you are an ambitious, successful, high-achieving woman – CEO, politician, creative visionary, community leader, entrepreneur – I encourage you to consider:

a) What unique gifts you have… and have been denying, or hiding
b) What you truly desire
c) Who you want to help
d) What outcome you want to create

It is very likely that a + b + c + d = your calling.

When integrated with your existing experience and skills, and wrapped in your established reputation, this formula creates an unstoppable catalyst for change – for changing your life, and those around you.

I challenge you to not settle, and choose the path of difference by doing only what only you can do.

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